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"The mysterious power of art to deeply move you..."



Jennifer is one half of the design duo behind Duende Curation, an online art gallery offering a curated collection of Limited Edition Prints to a global clientele. Jennifer, alongside her business partner and fellow interior designer, has gathered fine artists and photographers from around the world to offer the Duende audience an exclusive selection of artwork that has been professionally hand-picked to work beautifully together and can be intermingled as a group, or each on their own, with confidence.

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We mingle impactful art with the public, allowing the everyday collector to build their gallery based on a connection with each piece... we invite you to explore the 'Duende': the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person"

"We have collaborated with a small group of inspiring artists, both fine artists and photographers, to present a select set of Limited Edition Prints all offered within a universal size & pricing platform. Our gathering of artists and chosen works have been curated from around the world to create a singularly cohesive collection, within which all the available prints work symbiotically together whether you choose one piece or many for your space. 


You love art, have an appreciation for exclusive pieces with connection, but are looking for an unpretentious, approachable platform to find your new favourite artwork.

“To me, art is literally the language of a room within the storytelling of a space; while furnishings and accessories create the content that the story is based upon, artwork is the dialogue that we most prominently engage with. I believe that whether it is one select statement piece or a full gallery wall of chosen works, art is where people are most comfortable sharing an intimate look into their own interests, preferences and personalities...
ultimately, artwork tells the authentic story and I love that!"

- Jennifer



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