Please use this contact form to outline your style inquiry, indicating which services you are wanting to discuss (Interior Design, Brand Partnerships, Art Curation) and Jennifer will personally reach out to you within 1-2 business days to discuss how her expertise best aligns with your request.

For all Commercial Production Styling requests, please contact Jennifer’s agents, Judy Inc., at 1-416-962-5389.


The journey to                                                                        begins with aligning the creative vision and process with the right team; A Good Chick To Know is a multi-faceted design firm that inherently appreciates the connection to their clients from beginning to end. Whether the project is using Interior Design to create a story-telling dwelling space, bringing to life a product through Editorial or Commercial Production Styling, or creating unique content to give a brand fresh audiences through Brand Partnerships, Jennifer brings her signature style to the conversation while ensuring her client’s voice tells the story to produce a collaborative, personalized end result.

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