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Art tells the story of the home, and is one of the key essentials to a well styled space. Finding unique pieces that speak to you can be one of the hardest parts of designing your house; working with artists that you can personally connect with allows their art to become part of your home, and something more than just easy adornment. 

I loved chatting with Montreal- and LA-based Alessandra Salituru – the creative mastermind Citizen Atelier. Salituri has designed her business around sourcing the talents of both emerging and established artists from around the globe, and bringing their works and stories to an accessible level for locals. 

A go-to resource for many designers and stylists in the city (as well as homeowners in the know), Alessandra shares her passion for the nature of her business: “Artists who are so committed to bringing creativity and beauty into the world really inspire me in my work.” By connecting artists and collectors through her curated marketplace, Alessandra encompasses the fundamental meaning of Home Is Where The Art Is on a literal level. “One of my favourite parts of my work is when people tell me the art they got makes them happy or inspires them to live their best lives.”

1. Tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m an art dealer and Creative Director behind Citizen Atelier online art gallery. We represent a curated collection of art from 30+ local and international artists and photographers. My passion is helping people create homes they love with meaningful and accessible art. 

2. How did you get started in art dealing and what led you to where you are now? 

My mother is an artist and I grew up visiting galleries, art fairs and the studios of her friends. Being brought up in such a creative environment showed me the transformative effect that art can have in a home. I wanted to offer to Canadians a platform that houses the works of photographers and artists from around the world, at a range of prices.

3. Do you have a Vancouver muse? Or a favourite place in or around the city that inspires you? 

My Vancouver muse is definitely the skyline! The mix of the city and the view of the mountains has always captivated me about the city.

4. What colour best describes your personality? 

I love the colour blue. There’s something so calming, soulful and inspiring about it. The ocean is my happy place. A lot of the art I source for projects includes tones of blue.  

5. What is your favourite accessory (for home or personal)?

My favourite accessories are definitely fresh flowers, lots of pillows and of course – art. 

6. Some people collect old cameras & typewriters. Do you collect anything? 

Art! I have a number of pieces I’ve collected over the years. Many of them are leaning on the floor of my place- I love a relaxed approach to displaying art.

7. Who is your idol or mentor? 

I take so much inspiration from business and life coaches. My favourites are Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo. 

8. Finish this sentence: my day is not complete without… 

…a latte and phone calls with friends.

9. If you could speak to a room of youth who were considering careers in the arts, what would your advice be?

I would say consider taking some business and marketing classes! I’ve found this to be so invaluable. Especially if you’ll be working independently, knowledge on everything from online marketing, social media, PR and how to develop a business model is so helpful, even if you end up outsourcing some of these tasks. 

10. Do you find gloomy weather or sunshine to be more inspiring?

Definitely sunshine (but weather that is not too hot!). I split my time with sunny California which always invigorates me.  

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