"Inspired by spaces and encounters that feel treasured and well-loved, I style the world to tell a story… welcome to the NARRATIVE - my gathering place for what's inspiring me creatively for all things beautiful living."
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With the annual Eastside Culture Crawl kicking off today, getting a game plan on where to be, and who and what to see during the four day festival is essential. More than 500 creatives are opening their studios to over 30,000 visitors this weekend, showcasing artistic talents ranging from handcrafted furniture to mixed media artwork to artisanal housewares and beyond. We’ve nailed down our “must-see” shortlist if you’re looking for local artists with offerings to amp up your style at home; we asked our five faves to share a little about their creative inspiration, as why they feel the Crawl is an integral part of Vancouver’s artistic community.

1. JAMES KEMP OF HAND EYE DESIGN CERAMICS: 112 E. Hastings Street, Studio 140. Map code: B17

How would you describe your work?
My work is bodily and exploits basic human senses. It’s physically non kinetic in its final state, but as it operates through an evocative nature, using textures and form, its gestures engage with our primal human anticipation of movement.

2. MIRIAM AROESTE: 1000 Parker Street, Studio 221. Map code: D3

What keeps you inspired to continually create?
So many things… traveling, talking to interesting people, other artists, observing life from different lenses. I love newness and the way it stimulates my senses. I create based on what I feel in the moment drawing attention from my own stories and experiences.

3. JUSTIN WILLIAMS OF BISON FURNITURE + DESIGN: 1000 Parker Street, Studio 101. Map code: D3

Why do you think the Culture Crawl is an important part of our creative community in Vancouver?
The Crawl helps connect the general public with local makers. With the vast amount of information and images available on internet/social media, it’s such a rare opportunity to see and feel something in person. It also helps keep artist places like 1000 Parker Street alive, which is especially important in a city like Vancouver where spaces available for public or creative use are rapidly disappearing.

4. AMANDA BULLICK OF BRUTALLY BEAUTIFUL:  651 E. Hastings Street. Map code: A13

How would you describe your work?
Pondering the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, my work aims to conjure a feeling of earthy connectedness as well as a sacred sense of magic; like altars honouring the dearly departed and the stories of their wild lives that they took with them. The natural world, although it is all around us, never ceases to dazzle with its quiet secrets and mysteries. If you look hard enough there is beauty all around us, even in the decay. 

5. LOUISE FRANCIS-SMITH: 1000 Parker Street, Studio 108. Map code: D3

What keeps you inspired to continually create?
I am inspired and am drawn to the juxtaposition of perceived beauty alongside the harsh reality of the undervalued and neglected. I love light and the complexity of what my images reveal or uncover. Put simply, when I photograph, I feel completely alive.

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