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Amulette Pendants, available at Nineteen Ten Home, 4366 Main. $180 – $320.

Lighting is always my favourite part of a project. Once you get past the first level of lighting a space – the task lighting, such as overhead pot lights – you are able to play a lot with the next levels of lighting like pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps to create the ambiance and enhance the décor style you’ve decided on. I love how these Amulette Pendants (shown here in both the bohemian and craft paper styles) are smaller pieces with a subtle yet statement effect. Handmade in Montreal out of paper, these lights offer a softness that plays easily to boho décor, nurseries or ceiling-hung bedside lamps in a feminine bedroom.

Vintage Dowry Rugs, available at Much & Little, 2541 Main. Prices vary.

Pieces with a story, a previous life, are the best way to add personality to décor. Vintage items of any kind, carefully mixed with contemporary designs add an overall layered feel to a space that suggests the design has been well curated over years, and is more of a collection rather than a grouping of functional pieces. Textiles are one of the more interesting items to introduce as vintage, as they offer stressed palettes, pattern and texture that a new version simply can’t match; even in the most modern of homes, a vintage throw or – even better – area rug adds a sense of style that cuts the cold of modern minimalism without being intrusive. These handwoven vintage rugs, originally created as dowry offerings from Turkey, are ideal, as they offer a wide colour range and heavier weight, making them both visually complimentary and functional for most décor.

Bkr Bottles, available at Float Yaletown, 1059 Cambie. $33.

I’m totally that girl who’s guilty of not drinking nearly enough water throughout the day. Part of the reason is that traditional plastic water bottles taste too “plastic-y” and many reusable bottles are too sporty and don’t tuck easily into my bag, When I first saw these Bkr bottles at Float Yaletown, I was first drawn to the pretty colours; I love the ombre range of the muted blue colour options with fun names like Detox, London, and Dive. But when I actually picked them up, I realized that they were super functional as well – lightweight glass (to avoid that dreaded plastic taste) protected by beautifully coloured silicone covers and a sleek size and shape that allows them to easily tuck away into any bag or purse. Perhaps this year will see a change in my water habits after all, with the style-meets-function Bkr bottle.

Normann Copehnagan Geo Jars, available at Vancouver Special, 3612 Main. $13-14.

It’s a designer’s delight when everyday household items take on a stylish aesthetic – so often a space can be beautifully put together, but then when the functional items are put to use, the décor is interrupted. When I saw these jars in the window of Vancouver Special, I had to pop in to check out the collection; available in a soft but playful palette range, these jars can be mixed and matched. The line offers a milk jug, a sugar bowl, and a jar with lid (all shown here) and also includes serving trays, larger bowls and other utensils. Created out of a resin type material, these pieces are both durable and totally irresistible.

Vintage Pink Marble Stoneware, available at The Collectors Vintage India, 4413 Main. $50-65.

I am admittedly a décor junkie for all things beautifully global; so when I recently stumbled across The Collectors Vintage India pop-up shop on Main Street (located in the old East is East building), I was immediately blown away. From trinkets to textiles to large furnishings, this boutique offers a beautiful collection of all of my most coveting things. I was particularly intrigued by the bowls – originally used for mixing flatbreads, these pan-shaped dishes are handmade from marble for a beautiful finish. The shop has a few of these in their collection in a range of grey and natural tones, but I couldn’t resist the muted pink. While they were originally used for cooking, I’m picturing these as layering pieces or trays, adding a touch of global glam to any décor.

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