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Our homes are our personal sanctuaries, yet it seems that the first spaces to get attention with decor updates are the rooms that we share with the public eye and our houseguests. The entertaining areas of a house take top priority for design, with our intimate spaces often left last on a never ending list. One of the most essential elements to creating a haven for yourself at home is allowing focus to be placed on the private rooms that we look to for rest and rejuvenation. This week we are jumping into what the upcoming months are offering for sleeping in style; from the mattress to the covers, it looks like things are about to get bold in the bedroom.

1. Ted Baker London Pink Ombre Floral Collection; available exclusively at Hudsons Bay Company concessions. Prices available in store. 
This season marks the Canadian launch of fashion powerhouse Ted Baker London’s luxurious bedding line. With four different collections within the launch, the product lineup includes comforter sets, throw pillows and coverlets to either coordinate or mix and match to create the ultimate in on trend sleeping scenes. The pink floral collection embraces the summertime vibes with the ombre palette, while the oversized flower pattern carries the set into the height of Fall fashion. Stunning now yet enticing for the seasons to come, this collection hits all the high points of luxury bedding. 

2. Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase; available at Prices vary by size.
This is my number one secret weapon for a beautiful sleep (and wake up!). With over 20 years of our lives spent in bed, opting for a pillowcase that works hand-in-hand with our beauty routine feels like a no-brainer. The Slipsilk technology uses Grade 6A long fibre mulberry silk to reduce friction and retain your skin’s moisture to provide an anti-aging, anti-sleep-crease and anti-bedhead sleep… seriously, what more could you ask from a pillowcase?

3. Samantha Pynn X Simons Fall 2017 Collection; available exclusively at Simons. Prices available in store.
When an HGTV superstore launches yet another stellar home collection for one of Canada’s largest retailers, it’s time to pay attention and get ready for a revamp. Design darling of the TV world, Samantha Pynn, has just unveiled the upcoming Fall bedding line she designed for Simons; using fresh whites with patterned pops of colour, the pieces are an easy transition out of summer and will keep life bright in the bedroom well into the Winter months. The full collection will be available in store this September.

4. The Endy Sleep Mattress; available at Prices from $675.
No matter how stylish your sheets, without a good nights rest the bedroom is nobody’s haven; embracing the infamous “keep it simple” model, Endy is revolutionizing the way Canadians sleep. Offering just one mattress model (and similarly, one pillow) in a full range of sizes, the fully Canadian brand designed the ultimate place to sleep with four main principles in mind: comfort, firmness, temperature and motion. The mattress design has three levels  – a gel infused top coat for comfort and temperature control, and middle layer to gently transition energy from comfort to support, and a bottom layer of high-density foam to maintain optimal posture and support. The breathable, hypoallergenic and micro quilted cover – hand sewn in Montreal – is easily removable to make cleaning and care a cinch. 

5. Sheets on the Line Pure Linen Collection; available at Prices vary by size. 
The ultimate classic sheet, pure linen is a luxurious sleeping material as it keeps you cool in the warm months and warm when it’s cool outside. The organic, perfectly-imperfect aesthetics of linen bedding have made it a must-have favourite amongst designers for years, and is one of those magical materials that gets softer and more appealing over time and washings. Sheets on the Line offers a wide array of pure linen bedding, with generous top sheets that offer a wide border on all four edges (read: no more hunting for the top!) and tailored corners that allow it to look just as chic as a lightweight bedcover. Fitted sheets are designed with deep pockets to give space for even  pillow-top mattress.

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