My Digs: Michael Gibson + Calvyn Cass of Brush Salon

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When a couple has built their careers making people look beautiful, it’s no surprise that their own private space offers up high style with a refined appeal. Michael Gibson and Calvyn Cass – owners of the sought-after Gastown hair salon, Brush Salon – epitomize bringing work home with them in the best way possible: the fabulous style they grant their clients is carried through to the chic Gastown loft they call home.

Sharing their space with Milton and soon to arrive, Finnigan – their two dogs – Michael and Calvyn have mastered the curated, minimalist yet interesting décor that many of us strive for. Astonishingly over-height ceilings, large-scale windows and all-white walls set the perfect backdrop for their modern aesthetic. With their favourite finds being a grand ornate mirror from The Cross and a vintage taxidermy peacock they scored through a West Van estate, the space exudes polished personality.

What is it?: 

We live in a two bedroom loft with our dog Milton in Gastown.


We are Calvyn and Michael, husbands of almost two years and partners for just over nine years. We own Brush Salon in Gastown and are very passionate about our work and the team we have built. We feel pretty lucky to have each other to have shared all of our worldly travels, major life events and beautiful memories with.

Major selling feature: 

The major selling feature was the rooftop patio for its endless summer nights and afternoon cocktails in the sun… For the two months summer actually exists! 

First thing I changed: 

Nothing, but I would love to renovate our bathroom and have a waterfall shower a separate bathtub… And a walk-in closet… Boys can dream!

Feature I brag about: 

Again, the rooftop patio. But, we also love the 24-foot ceilings that make the space feel spacious and airy.

That one conversation piece: 

Our gigantic ornate mirror from The Cross as well as our living wall from Heather at Greenstems.

The décor: 

We are both minimalists. We love the feeling of a clean, open space. We are trying to create a masculine feel whilst incorporating beautiful pieces. Challenging, but we are getting there, piece by piece.

The story behind the art/antiques/collectibles: 

Michael finds pieces that inspire him and I usually just give the OK. Most of the pieces come from some sort of life event. Our dog chewed up our last couch so we had to get this one. It took six months but we finally found something he and I liked. The coffee table was handmade. We trekked out to PoCo (another country to us) to consult with the guy and then back again to get it. The peacock (Albert, as we named him) came from and estate sale in West Vancouver. So many stories…


Gastown is awesome but it’s still finding its footing. Homelessness is a huge and ongoing issue in the area and it can be hard to cope with at times.

Neighbourhood haunts: 

Our boutique salon, Brush Salon, which is right around the corner from our home!

Compared to your last place: 

Way bigger. We loved our last home because it was the first property we ever owned. This place is a rental but we love it regardless… Just hard to compare a milestone to an “upgrade” (if we are going to call it that)!

Favourite apartment/house/condo activity: 

Dinner parties/having people over in general… anything involving food and a few alcoholic beverages. You only live once, better to live life having fun.

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