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With Mother’s Day just a few days away, most of us are in the thick of the scramble to find that perfect gift to let Mom know how special she is. This year rather than opting for the generic, we’ve rounded up five stellar locally-sourced gifts that are as unique as your mom; from functional ceramics to decor and greenery to the ultimate in beautiful relaxation, here are your best bets for an A+ offering for Mother’s Day.

1. GHOST MOUNTAIN CO CERAMICS. Available at http://www.ghostmountain.co; pricing varies.

Flashback to when you were a kid and handmade your mom’s most treasured Mother’s Day gifts, Ghost Mountain Co. offers the grown-up version with a small line of handmade ceramics that Mom is sure to love. With various collections of functional pieces like mugs, serving ware and vases, local artist Simone Littledale brings her love for nature to each piece, drawing inspiration from witchcraft, wilderness, heritage, and mysticism.

2. PIPE DREAM CREATIVE HIMMELIS. Available at www.pipedreamcreative.ca; $32 – $66.

Pipe Dream Creative brings the Swedish art of geometric mobiles to modern decor; originally used as charms for good luck on Swedish farms, the brass creations are the perfect gift of well wishes for mom with a handcrafted appeal. The Himmelis offer a beautiful addition to any space, whether used on their own as decor or as a creative vessel for air plants.

3. BARE SKIN BAR BATH BARS. Available at Walrus Home, Neighbourhood Quality Goods and a pop up from May 13 – 22 at Little Mountain Space ; $24 per box of 4.

A local alternative to the ‘bath bomb craze’, Bare Skin bath bars offer Mom the ultimate in luxurious relaxation while amping up her powder room style. Using simple, natural, effective ingredients and essential oils, the bars give an effervescent bath experience, neatly packaged into stellar looking ‘bars’ that look just as awesome before use as they do while creating the ultimate bath water.  Local artisan Cynthia Cyr created four different ‘bar experiences’: Calming Bars (featuring rose clay, cocoa butter, himalayan sea salt, lavender essential oil), Detoxification Bars (featuring kaolin clay, coconut oil, sea salt, lemon essential oil), Restoring Bars (featuring fuller’s earth clay, hempseed oil, epsom salt, and eucalyptus essential oil), and Softening Bars (featuring kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, shea butter, and lavender essential oil).

4. WOODLOT ‘’AMOUR’ SOAP, CANDLES, ROSE & PAOLO SANTO SPRAY. Available at www.shopwoodlot.com; pricing varies.

If you’re looking to truly pamper Mom for Mother’s Day, don’t forget about ambiance. Designed with a simplistically chic aesthetic that brings a beautiful feel to any room, Woodlot offers candles, room and body sprays and soaps to delight Mom’s senses; the brand has created a variety of scents within their candles and soaps designed for whatever your mom is into, from florals to woodsy to uplifting. 

5. SIMPLY NEGLECTABLE HANGING SUCCULENTS. Available at The Eastside Flea,  1024 Main Street; $15 – $25.

While the automatic go-to gift for Mother’s Day is the standard bouquet of flowers, this year show Mom a little creativity with a stylish alternative. Simply Neglectalbe, is a local company that offers a variety of succulents and unique green groupings. The brand recently launched their line of hanging gardens, knows as Kokedama (Japanese for moss string ball), which make adorably unexpected gifts; The hanging balls are wrapped in rope fornatural appeal, and offer a number of different succulents or cacti to suit Mom’s taste. The best part? These little gems are beyond easy to care for – when they feel light, it’s time to soak them. This gift truly is ‘simply neglectable’. 

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