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Lifestyle, food and interiors photographer, Tracey Ayton, shares a tour of her stunning Kerrisdale home.
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Describe your home: Our heritage home was built in 1927, so it’s full of character and personality. We have loved creating our lives here, but now we are ready to begin a new adventure, so this gem is on the market!

Occupant: I’m an interior, lifestyle, and food photographer.

Major selling feature: The home speaks for itself with all of its character, which includes old windows, casings baseboards, plate rails, stained glass…We’ve done extensive renos over the last 11 years which include a new kitchen, new bathroom, upgraded bathroom, and beautifully landscaped back yard that has a new fire bowl.


First thing I changed: We built a suite in the basement to help offset the mortgage payments.

Feature I brag about: Back in the ‘40s/’50s there was a “Mrs. Robinson” that lived here and every year at Halloween, our house was “The House” to go to because she made chocolate brownies for all of the kids.

That one conversation piece: All of the character it boasts. You don’t see that in the new homes that get built these days.

The decor: It’s black and white with some beachy accents. I like to keep it simple and clean, not really committing to colour but I do like committing to bringing the outdoors in.

The story behind the art/antiques: The picture above the Eames rocking chair is a piece that I did from Polaroid film.

Downsides: Having an old home will always require work. If you don’t mind chipping paint and the odd window that doesn’t open, then you’ll love it.

Neighbourhood haunts: Our favourite neighbourhood haunts are Hills Of Kerrisdale which is the best clothing boutique. It’s a little pricey, but man they have nice clothes. And The Red Onion, which is where you can find the best burgers!!!!

Compared to your last place: Our last place was a rental, but it too was quite old. It was a condo, though, and we wanted a home with a backyard in a better neighbourhood.

Favourite activity: Inviting our friends and family over for a dinner at our long farm table underneath the cafe lights, and ending the evening off around our fire bowl.  

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