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When I’m on the hunt for fun new finds to create a seasonal decor refresh, I have my roster of favourite shops to hit up for inspiration and it’s not often that I’m surprised by a new retailer for great scores at a reasonable price. However, I recently attended the ‘Spring into Summer’ event with The Real Canadian Superstore where the brand previewed their fresh new Spring/ Summer home collection. Prior to the event, the store hadn’t been on my radar as a go-to for stellar home decor finds – to be honest, I hadn’t realized that the brand even carried such an extensive collection of pieces for decor and everyday entertaining. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see a large number of on-trend pieces for all areas of the home, and I was even more impressed to discover the ultra approachable price points the products are being offered at (ie: a gold rimmed rocks glass with playful motifs runs at $4!). I definitely fell for a few of the pieces that my guests can expect to see the next time they join me for dinner or patio soiree, and I love that it won’t break the bank to get a stellar setup for indoor/ outdoor tabletop styling.

The most notable details about the collection are bright colours and bold patterns – two things that always make any space instantly feel like Spring. There are a few design capsules within the collection, but I personally think the strongest element is the tropical vibe; while palm trees, pineapples and flamingos ruled high end design last year, this Spring the motifs have found their place with mainstream consumers. 

The tropical palette offers a variety of greens to bring to the table, which lends itself to both softer Spring greens as well as this years hottest colour, emerald green, that we have seen take over Pinterest feeds for everything from wallpaper to sofas for 2017. The greens pop against the other brights, which include a hot pink and bright yellow, and the complimentary colourways mean that all the pieces can easily be mixed and matched together for an easy and playful appeal.

Overall, I was most impressed with the attention the brand has put forward to creating continuity within their product lineup for a cohesive design no matter which pieces you choose. Right down to the food you put on the tropical dishes, the colours and overall feel of every new product for the season jive together; at the event, there was a PC Coconut Matcha Green Tea cheesecake served upon the palms platter that showcased the same greens and a PC Golden Beet Slaw that colour coordinated perfectly with the flamingo and pineapple patterns; as a designer, I loved that having food to colour match the servingware created a super chic yet totally easy “finished” look to the table. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out, I just discovered how to look like the hostess with the mostess on a budget!

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