Westender Profile: A Good Chick To Know at the Home Show in Vancouver

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Vancouver interior designer and fashionista Jennifer Scott of A Good Chick to Know is one of the featured HGTV Main Stage presenters at the BC Home + Garden Show at BC Place (Feb. 19-23). Shell be talking home trends on Feb. 20 and 22.

What is the hardest part of deciding the look of a room?

This is the trickiest part of design for most people: they see many things that they like and many that they dont like but are not sure where to begin in terms of putting these items together in a cohesive fashion. Although most of us can align our general taste with one overlying look, there are usually different decor styles that speak to us; the difficult part is blending these styles together to create a look for the space that makes it our own. The desire for a showroom home is behind us; people are now searching for a way interact with their space.

How do you determine what style suits a clients personality?

At A Good Chick To Know we encourage people to find the items within their home that have the most importance to them whether it be a sofa, a painting or a treasure collected from a travel and we begin to group things from there to determine the feel of a room. We work within a hierarchy of styles: we select the three most prominent looks based upon the furniture or accessories that weve asked our clients to gather, and layer the three different looks together in order of importance. This method allows us to combine different styles in a prioritized fashion, and create a personalized, slightly eclectic space that avoids feeling too cluttered or visually confusing.

Which colours suit which personalities?

Matching colours to personalities is a grey area (pardon the pun). We have had clients that have seemed very reserved, and leaned toward ultra traditional in their decor preferences, yet ended up falling in love with a space filled with colour and pattern. There have been those who come across very outgoing in personality and bold in decor that have craved the serenity of a neutral palette. Im totally one of those people: I have a highly eclectic style that incorporates pieces Ive collected over my lifetime, I have a strong personality and most people who meet me assume I have a home overflowing with intense colours. The truth is, Im happiest with crisp white walls and only smaller hits of colour (usually soft greys or neon pinks).

What are your inspirations?

I have a long background in the fashion industry, so I often look to the runways and fashion glossies to pull inspiration. My fave designer is Stella McCartney her soft edginess encourages me to amp up the femininity to my design, and balances my typically more masculine signature style. As for stores, I love nothing more than to scour our citys cool vintage spots for standout decor pieces. My first stops are always Space Lab and ReFind (make a day of it, there are so many treasures to discover!) Another hot little vintage spot is Duchess Vintage, just around the corner from Space Lab in Chinatown. (Side note: the best cuppa joe is at The Shop, conveniently next door to Duchess.) For non-vintage inspiration, I love to shop at Nineteen Ten Home, Vancouver Special (both on Main Street) and, every locals go-to for fab finds, The Cross. For truly unique pieces or for custom woodwork, I never pass up a stop into Shop Wrong Collective (Vernon and Hastings) and Union Wood Co. (Railtown).

Describe your dream room:

For my own home? Think of Elvis and what his house looked like. Blend that with a classic California mid-century home with tons of windows and light, and youve got my dream space. Architecturally I love the mid-century openness, clean lines, sunken living rooms and overflowing natural light; from a decor standpoint, Im a lover of over-the-top statement pieces, golds, and many of the pieces that were popular during the 1970s. In a modern way, of course.

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