Closet Confessions: 5 tips for fast closet facelifts

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We’re all guilty of shopping under the guise that we “just can’t find anything to wear” in our closets – and I guarantee that most of us, if properly organized, would find a few fab outfits in our midst without hitting the boutiques. While we love to help clients find amazing new pieces to add to their wardrobe, we also know that without proper closet configuration those pieces will likely become a needle in the haystack of garments, accessories and shoes that already fill the shelves, racks and cupboards.
The easiest solution, of course, is to outsource a custom closet company like California Closets to design a shelving and storage system specifically for your needs; however, if you don’t have the cash for or interest in such a permanent setup, we do have a few quick tips that any of us can implement at home to make our daily dressing super easy. A trip to Ikea, Winners or Cosco and you (and your closet) will be set.

1. Streamlined velvet hangers – they prevent your garments from slipping to the floor and are space savers for small (or overfull!) closets;

2. Loop hangs for scarves, belts ties and even necklaces – it keeps them all in view so you know which will go best, and also prevents them from knotting or wrinkling;

3. Bin/ container organization for within your drawers – this keeps your lingerie or smaller accessories altogether and easily found.

4. Colour block and itemize your garments – not only does it make your closet look pretty, but helps you find what you need faster.

5. Purge seasonally – it’s for sure the hardest tip to implement, but absolutely makes the biggest impact!

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