Vintage Love: our feature in BC Home Magazine

"Inspired by spaces and encounters that feel treasured and well-loved, I style the world to tell a story… welcome to the NARRATIVE - my gathering place for what's inspiring me creatively for all things beautiful living."
                                                   - XX, JENN


Rachel and I had the pleasure of meeting the super lovely Tracey Ayton (of Tracey Ayton Photography) at the launch event for the CRAVE Vancouver book (that we are both involved with) last year; upbeat and charming, we took an immediate liking to Tracey and have kept in touch with her on a professional level ever since. She has shot a few of our projects and most recently, my own home. Tracey pitched the space to BC Home Magazine and the end result is our feature in the Fall issue! Thankful to Tracey for the fabulous pics and for the lead, we also owe thanks to Wendy Goldsmith, who lent her kind words to create the story; it was a treat to have Wendy over, chat about the space and the history of all the pieces it holds. As a designer, it’s a funny feeling to share your own home – it is much easier to openly promote a space that has been created for a client; it was a well-needed reminder of the pieces I treasure (and why!) to walk through my home and explain my design choices. I am absolutely grateful to BC Home, as well as to Wendy and Tracey, for this opportunity to invite you into my space – it’s a lot of fun to look back and see just how much I have relied on our most favourite resources to complete the feel of my own house as we continually shop for clients! Peruse and enjoy the pics – if you want to check out more photos, see our Gallery shots of the space , and if you want to read the full story you can read the digital version from BC Home online. I would love to hear your thoughts! xo Jenn.

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