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It’s always an exciting time for designers when the celebrities of our industry come to townto chat about the ins and outs of what we do; often we are looked to as the experts with all the style know-how, so it becomes a serious treat to have the opportunity to be inspired by our peers that we don’t often get to see. I love when the strongest design personalities hit Vancouver and bring a striking perspective to the relatively safe aesthetic Vancouver traditionally embraces. 

A true ‘Jane of all trades’ with all things style, Tiffany Pratt will be taking on our city’s muted design palette and making her premier appearance at the BC Home and Garden Show on February 25th and 26th; she will be hitting the show’s Main Stage to share her connection to rainbows and how it influences her renowned designs. Famous for her fearless approach to colour, Tiffany personifies the energy of bringing colour into your life through design.

As a colour-minimalist designer, I’m always intrigued by fellow creatives who embrace the full palette spectrum and make even the boldest colour pairings seem like the obvious choice. Tiffany’s inspiring use of brights and patterns have not only influenced designers like myself, but many decor-enthusiasts as well; Pratt has hosted numerous shows on HGTV and is a regular style expert on CityLine, through which avenues she encourages people to follow their imaginations to create spaces that are truly free from traditional design boundaries and speak to their personalities.

Guided by her connections to colour, Tiffany recently launched her first book entitled after her personal design mantra, “This Can Be Beautiful”. The vibrant pages take readers on a personal style journey via 45 beautifully photographed projects, ranging from home decor to DIY to styling a party. While I have an admitted weakness for design books, I particularly appreciate this publication because it shows readers how to use what we already have to create beautiful end-result items for the home; from refreshing your old sheets to giving new life to old wallpaper, Tiffany shows us how we can give our spaces a facelift without breaking the bank on design.

With a saturated creative expertise, Tiffany not only reigns in the interior design arena, but also has numerous product collaborations including stunning stationary and jewellery, as well as her own clothing line. From her interiors to her book to her various product lines, Pratt will be bringing elements of her multi-faceted style to our city for the upcoming BC Home and Garden Show, sharing themagic of rainbow palettes in all aspects of her designs in a must-see presentation.

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