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When designing the perfect space, it’s essential to remember the practical role of décor: who will be using the room, and how. Some of the most overlooked details are the needs of our four-legged family members. Even the most perfectly styled room can be easily disrupted by a typical bed for Fido.

Jesse Nightingale, founder of local brand Handsome Mountain Pet Supplies, has created a line of pet beds and accessories that’s so chic, you may want to bring some of her wares into your home whether you have a fur-baby or not. For instance, one of her beautiful beds can double as a super-stylish floor pillow.

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Jesse Nightingale and I’m the founder of Handsome Mountain Pet Supplies. The company was created shortly after I adopted by beloved dog, Beaumont, from the SPCA in Kelowna. It was on the drive back home that I named him and, ultimately, my brand, Beaumont. Quick translation: Beau = Handsome + mont = Mountain. Et voilà!

Weaving my design skills from being a fashion designer and a textile-arts graduate together with my love for animals, I starting dreaming up [Beaumont’s] perfect pet bed. I decided to develop the brand to share with others what I felt was missing in the pet industry: high-quality, well-designed and all-around-fun pet accessories. Looking back, the decision to follow my passion was life-changing. No other words can describe it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Do you have a Vancouver muse, or a favourite place in or around the city that inspires you? 
Our favourite place is among the trees, and on the mountains for a good outdoor adventure and hike. But we also really love going down to the dog beaches in the summer and catching those sweet sunsets. That’s the beauty of this city: We have it all!

What’s your favourite accessory?
I’d have to say one of my favourite and most practical accessories that I use on the go is the Handsome Mountain P**p Bag Holder. Because Beau and I go everywhere together, I never know when I’m going to need a baggie.

Source: Andrea Fernandez photo

How would you describe Vancouver’s creative community? 
I absolutely love it! There are always things to attend, and people doing amazing things. The more people you get to know, the more you hear about and can discover.

Do you collect anything? 
I’ve actually started collecting small vintage dog figurines, and dog-related décor items that are really original and not cheesy, that keep the studio looking fun by adding these elements of pets all around. 

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?  
Hmm… good question. I’d probably be working on some other kind of creative endeavour, and would love to do something that involves more world travel.

My day is not complete without… 
…a good snuggle with my BeauDog!

Do you have a favourite creative space? 
I work out of my live/work studio and really do love working here. It allows for me to not have to commute to work, and I quite love the big windows and light that I get in there.

If you could speak to a room of youth who were considering a career in the arts, what would your advice be? 
I would definitely ask them if they think they could get up in the mornings and get to work without their alarm or parents having to wake them up. I would obviously highly recommend that they follow their passion in the arts, and to know that it may be a bit of a struggle at first to reach their goals, but to never stop trying and to never stop creating. 

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