My Digs: Fashion photographer Jamie Mann

"Inspired by spaces and encounters that feel treasured and well-loved, I style the world to tell a story… welcome to the NARRATIVE - my gathering place for what's inspiring me creatively for all things beautiful living."
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As a designer, and notably nosey chick, I love touring homes. I enjoy seeing how people live and showcase their unique interests through dwelling spaces. My Digs offers all of us a chance to do the same – glimpse the way our fellow city-goers style up their spaces – and provides a straight line of inspiration.

This week we’re checking in to the ultra chic live/ work pad of the fabulous fashion photographer, Jamie Mann.

When he’s not touring the world capturing stunning images, he spends his days in a hip loft in Railtown. I’m loving the way he’s been able to capture the tricky balance of a place to be inspired for creative projects, while also creating an inviting and polished place to call home.

First thing I changed:

The wall colors! Since my home/studio is one large rectangle, I wanted to visually break the space up with different color tones. I introduced a cyan tone for the kitchen & sitting area, white for the studio space and “Dior” grey for the gallery wall and front entrance.

Feature I brag about:

The rooftop. Rain or shine, it is the one place I can always get away to.

That one conversation piece:

The fact that I sleep in the closet (the walk-in closet that is). Everyone finds this quite interesting, as this is the most commonly asked question by first time visitors’. The closet features a queen bed and is extremely cozy, especially in the winter months.

The story behind the art/antiques/collectibles:

The art collection that continuously rotates throughout my space has been in the works for the last couple of years. Jonah Samson, Jessica Bell, Zoe Pawlak, Jenny Shipper, The Dark, and other artists are some of my favorite pieces – so far.


The trains in the summer when the windows are open can be very loud at times. Some days not at all, others at 3am…however I am used to it by now. After living here for four years, I find it somewhat relaxing.

Compared to your last place:

My last place was a basic two bedroom on 49th and Victoria, while I was studying photography at Langara College. The cool factor has been most certainly amplified with this space, as well as providing an opportunity to create a professional studio.

Favorite activity at home:

Organizing the studio, clothing, and props for a shoot, while listening to some great music… as well as doing the actual photo-shoot itself. There is nothing better then working with a great team where we are all in our element creating beautiful images together. I love that my “digs” are the hub of all this.

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