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This week I took a look at the home of residential interior designer, Angela Robinson. 

Describe your home:

I live a corner unit on the main floor of a heritage apartment building in the West End of Vancouver.

Major selling feature:

The natural lighting of a corner unit was a major selling point. The refinished original hardwood and built in character of the building is what I fell in love with! Overall, the place had good energy.

First thing I changed:

I richened up the paint colours in my living room. I also painted black accents throughout to give the neutral palette more depth.

Feature I brag about:

My wooden Frigidaire ice box, the original hardwood flooring, and the beautiful hot water radiators.

That one conversation piece:

The ice box, believe it or not!

The story behind the art/antiques/collectibles:

The oil painting in my bathroom is by my great-grandfather. It was brought over from Norway when my mom immigrated. The floral porcelain candle holder on displayed with my perfume bottles was a gift from my godmother for my 30th birthday. Her godmother gifted it to her on her 30th birthday.

My dad has been digging up and collecting bottles since he was five years old. He gifted all his bottles to me, as my mom wouldn’t allow him to display them in their home. Most of them are from Nanaimo. My fibreglass dining chairs were from Diefenbaker’s secret bunker on Vancouver Island. As a child, my family had the opportunity to tour the bunker and take what we wanted before it was sealed up. We took four chairs, blackboards, and a metal staircase!


Living on the ground floor in a city, noise can be an issue. I personally like the energy and sounds. I like waving and saying hello to the people walking by! The biggest downside is the smell of skunks!

Compared to your last place:

Honestly, this is the first place that’s felt like home since my childhood house. After moving around a lot, I finally gave myself permission to settle into this apartment, hang my art and invest in small home luxuries. I’m now surrounded by things that are meaningful and important to me; things that bring back memories and remind me of the people and places that I love.

Favourite activity at home:

Entertaining! I love to host my friends and family.

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