Street Style: Tiffany & co. still unapologetically modern

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Tiffany & Co. is so much more than a name. The brand has, over the course of it’s 177 years, grown to become not just stylish, but rather the symbol of style. Tiffany is universally synonymous with glamour and grace, with women of the world vying to receive the treasure of that ‘little blue box’.

The iconic company has been able to create a status symbol with their collections; not status primarily based upon monetary value (as the pieces range over a broad spectrum of price points), but moreover a status of educated elegance. The Tiffany clientele understand the unspoken statement behind wearing designs that represent both sophistication and refined exuberance.

As a girl, I remember coveting and saving for key pieces from the Tiffany sterling silver collection: The classic Return To Tiffany charm bracelet and keychain were my most valued  possessions, able to make the adolescent uniform of jeans and a tee seem beyond fabulous. As a young woman, the quintessential Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring was the be all and end all of any proposal story. There have been Tiffany and Company pieces to accompany many different times, budgets and memories in my life – something the brand has managed to excel in is offering timeless pieces that not only represent, but last, a lifetime.

Now, as Tiffany & Co. enters a new chapter under the leadership of a fresh design director – Francesca Amfitheatrof – we see a collection that puts a modern twist on the New York roots of the company. Tiffany T embodies the edge and energy of NYC to become the icon for a new era – graphic lines for the strength of the city’s architecture, combined with the chic minimalism that leaves the pieces open for interpretation in the eyes of those who revel in the arts and culture.

I had an opportunity to take a tour of the Tiffany T line, chat with the team about how Amfitheatrof’s vision is taking a bold approach to the established traditions, and explore the pieces for myself to discover the endless possibilities. What I found most striking about the collection was its versatility. The pieces, while strong, are streamlined – allowing for a mix-and-match approach to how they are worn. While I definitely have fun with over-the-top statement pieces, I’m a huge fan of simple yet stunning jewellery that can be worn everyday without ever looking tired.

With Tiffany T, the designs encourage layering, creating an opportunity for each individual to reflect their personality within the line. Simple silhouettes combined with an array of finishes make stacking the geometric rings and bracelets look chic in a cinch.

Despite coveting the collection in its entirety, there were a few pieces that stood out and spoke to my own style. Whether for fashion, accessories or home decor, anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that the white and gold palette combo is my weakness. I love it.

So it’s no surprise that the 18k gold Tiffany T cuff with a white ceramic face stole my heart.  It is a substantial piece that can be worn alone as a stunning  bold statement, or I’m picturing it mixed in with the Tiffany T bangle and the Tiffany T (chain) bracelet to create a boho-meets-glamour rock ‘n roll effect.

My other fave is the Tiffany T ring in 18k rose gold. Sleek and simple, the ring is delicate enough to be worn in multiples without appearing too heavy, yet it has the strength to be worn solo and still catch eyes.

Tiffany T is a rich mix of options, making an ultimately chic appeal ridiculously easy. Strong yet sensual, this collection – in the words of the brand itself – is unapologetically modern.

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